best kool keith albums

Deffo check out his work with Dan the Automator and Atmosphere. One can endlessly argue Kool Keith styles, flows and lyrics. This is one of his most easily accessible albums and that may be the reason it misses a bit of the spark that raises albums like Keith’s other 1999 album First Come First Served and earlier efforts like Sex Style and Dr Octagonecologyst to a somewhat higher level. The dark and sometimes crazy beats suit the lyrics perfectly. The following albums by Kool Keith are ranked highest in the greatest album charts: This may not be a complete discography for Kool Keith.This listing only shows those albums by this artist that appear in at least one chart on this site. Kool Keith. Kool Keith’s trademark weirdness (and asscrack obsession) is in full effect here, bizarre lyrics galore. Items on the Best Album by Kool Keith top list are added by the community and ranked using our secret ranking sauce. Log in with Twitter, Create a non-social account   or   Log in with a non-social account. You can alter this threshold from your profile page. However, he later said that the idea that he was institutionalized came from a flippant remark made during an interview, and he never expected the story to become so well known. Astonishing! Find all of Kool Keith's best albums below. Found your favorite? Your email address will not be published. After the release of their influential 1988 album Critical Beatdown, Thornton was reportedly institutionalized in Bellevue Hospital Center. Best Album by Kool Keith is a public top list created by Listnerd on on October 7th 2013. “First patient, pull out the skull, remove the cancer / Breaking his back, chisel necks for the answer / Supersonic bionic robot voodoo power / Equator ex my chance to flex skills on Ampex” (Earth People). Either way, you can't mistake him for anyone else nor the other way around. Genres: East Coast Hip Hop, Hardcore Hip Hop, Abstract Hip Hop. “Supergalactic lover / Comin from the projects on the hill / Supergalactic lover / In my monkey-green ragtop Seville…”. Other more casual fans will only listen … Kool Keith. Kool Keith is ranked number 1,693 in the overall artist rankings with a total rank score of 722. The same track can appear on multiple albums, so excluding tracks from compilations and live albums helps to remove duplicates from this list. Rappers actin hard, nervous in the dressin room / With a security guard / Groupies standin round with they fuckin face frowned / Lookin like fuckin Homey the Clown / Put that Spring Water down man, you ain’t sweatin / You motherfuckers did a ten minute weak show and you jettin / Your fans are mad – your performance was garbage bag / Look at these videotapes / Walkin  back and forth grabbin your nuts like the Planet of the Apes / Supervise it, criticize it, y’all don’t realize it / Where the real guys at” (No Chorus). Either way, he doesn't disappoint in delivery or skill. Manage Profile), Please log in or register if you want to be able to add a comment. Kool Keith discography and songs: Music profile for Kool Keith, born 19 October 1963. Kutmasta Kurt’s instrumentals on tracks like “The Orchestrators”, “Takin’It Back”,  “Diesel Truckin'”, “The Legendary”, “Can I Buy You Drink?” “I Drop Money” and “Serve Em A Sentence” will satisfy all those who crave fat old-school flavored beats and cuts. A masterwork, that sounds as fresh today as it did on the day it was released. You can alter this threshold from your profile page. Kool Keith. Sex Style. Basically a Kool Keith solo album, with some help from rugged- and-rough Ultramagnetic affiliate Tim Dog. Honorable Mentions Ultramagnetic MCs – Funk Your Head Up (1992) The Cenobites – The Cenobites LP (1994) Analog Brothers – Pimp To Eat (2000) Kool Keith – Matthew (2000) Project Polaroid (2006) Kool Keith – Sex Style Unreleased Archives (2007) Time? The concept works, the album flows perfectly and the production by Dan The Automater is absolutely phenomenal – innovative, eery, spaced-out: the instrumentals provide the perfect backdrop for Kool Keith’s trademark bizarre lyrics. Find Kool Keith discography, albums and singles on AllMusic. Kool Keith has forever been an enigma. Become a member of Listnerd and add it below. Lyrically, Kool Keith serves up a perfect distillation of nearly all of his styles and crazy thought-processes, to ensure an all around interesting listen. Kool Keith‘s very best album. A little ironic considering how much he disses other rappers who just conform to other trends. Make no mistake – this is a GREAT, 100% Hip Hop album. Ultramagnetic MCs – Funk Your Head Up (1992), Kool Keith – Sex Style Unreleased Archives (2007), Time? Find Kool Keith discography, … But Black Elvis / Lost in Space is a dope album anyway, as always filled with weird choruses, Kool Keith’s oddball lyrics and unique blend of humor (just listen to that intro – “That’s right tomorrow I plan to boo your shows at the Apollo” – and try not to smile). Some hardcore fans out there swear by his Lost Masters series, a trilogy of albums I absolutely can't fucking stand. Please log in or register if you want to be able to leave a rating, Please log in or register if you want to be able to add a favourite, Showing all 1 comments | Most Helpful First | Newest First | Maximum Rated First | Longest Comments First(Only showing comments with -2 votes or higher. Kool Keith best albums Dr. Octagonecologyst. The group came back strong with this third album, however. Sure, this album is not as good as Dr. Dooom’s first outing First Come First Served, but together with Diesel Truckers it easily is one of Keith’s best albums since the turn of the millennium. Dr. Octagon’s history is detailed throughout the album’s songs, skits, and samples. Kool Keith’s second 1999 album. As always Kurt provides beautiful boom bap beats complemented with some real scratching & cutting. (Only showing comments with -2 votes or higher. Besides Sex Style and First Come First Served, Masters Of Illusion has to be their best collaboration. Top 10 favorite MCs: Rakim, Big Daddy Kane, KRS One, Kool G Rap, Kool Keith, Pharoahe Monch, Percee P, R.A. Thanks to modern rap weirdos like Lil B, Kool Keith's influence is arguably stronger now than ever before. Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation, Include tracks from compilations & live albums. There's no in between. Ced Gee and especially Kool Keith are in top-form, and the production is tight. Moosebumps: An Exploration Into Modern Day Horripilation. Dr. Dooom can be seen as representing the Dr. Octagon horror elements while Black Elvis (also released in 1999) was handling sci-fi duties. The best album credited to Kool Keith is Black Elvis/Lost In Space which is ranked number 15,208 in the overall greatest album chart with a total rank score of 69. Registration is fast, free and easy. Absolute legend, as you would expect from someone feckin Eminem quotes as his inspiration. Kool Keith has always needed someone to bounce his energy of off for his projects to be really dope. Include tracks from compilations & live albums | Exclude tracks from compilations & live albums Always out of the mainstream spotlight, his signature style is a stream-of-consciousness lyrical flow and complex vocals – two skills that earn him a perennial nod from the underground Hip Hop community. Kool Keith’s rapping is better and more inspired here as it had been in a while and most of his lyrics are as insane and bizarre as usual. Dr. Octagon. HHGA founder. Diesel Truckers may not be the best Kool Keith – Kutmasta Kurt collaboration, but it is a dope album nonetheless. Proud dad. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. Both emcees spit great rhymes over Kutmasta Kurt’s stellar old school-style production. Any price and availability information displayed on the linked website at the time of purchase will apply to the purchase of this product. Explore more top 100 lists about Music on or participate in ranking the stuff already on the all time Best Album by Kool Keith top list below. “I’m back, back to smack attack / Those who wack and lack my experience / On the microphone holding my own ground / Dominating forces / Change the sources, punks take losses / Enough cause it’s me on the mic / Feeding on words, smart like a nerd / Haven’t you heard this change of rhyme…” (Ease Back). Spread this URL or share: Copyright © 2020 Rankly Inc. Made in NYC. Let us know what you think of this artist by adding a comment or assigning a rating below! Kool Keith. Copyright © 2005-2020 Highly original & innovative and very consistent – no weak tracks here. At, we aim to give you the best of everything - including stuff like the Best Album by Kool Keith list. With the ever-excellent Kutmasta Kurt on the boards, Kool Keith is in top form here: flow and delivery are on point and the lyrics are wonderfully and characteristically bizarre. Dr. Octagon. Are you a fan of Music or Best Album by Kool Keith? On Rankly, anybody can create a top list, share it with their friends and see their list get ranked by friends and followers. Best Album by Kool Keith Fan of Kool Keith? This is another madly underrated Kool Keith album. If you're not a member of, you should consider becoming one. Black Elvis/Lost In Space. After the classic debut album Critical Beatdown (1988), Kool Keith as part of the Ultramagnetic MCs dropped the somewhat disappointing sophomore album Funk Your Head Up in 1992. (with L’Orange) (2015). Astonishing! On this list, you will find ten of Kool Keith’s very best albums. Log in with Facebook Matthew. Nearly all of his albums incorporate a satirical dislike for more commercialized strains of Hip Hop, as well as major record labels. Dr. Dooom. The album begins with Kool Keith’s new alter-ego Dr. Dooom killing the Dr. Octagon persona. All rights reserved. Kool Keith began his career with the group Ultramagnetic MCs. Gotta love that No Limit parody cover too. If an album is 'missing' that you think deserves to be here, you can include it in your own chart from the My Charts page! Albums include Peeping Tom, Power in Numbers, and A Prince Among Thieves. The same track can appear on multiple albums, so excluding tracks from compilations and live albums helps to remove duplicates from this list. After the brilliant Dr Octagonecologyst from the year previous, Kool Keith (with the help of Kutmasta Kurt on the boards) returns with Sex Style, presenting some awesomely ridiculous “pornocore”. Best Album by Kool Keith is a top list in the Music category on

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