nux solid studio vs torpedo cab

This is the output that has the cabinet simulation and as you can already guess, it also works as a DI box (it’s a balanced output, the type of output that sounds the best and the sound engineers love), so you can go straight from your pedal to the mixer. This gave me some relief because such a pedal was available on the local market, but also, I had my doubts because it was a Behringer and in the past, I had a bad experience with one of their products. Good morning, I have Amp simulator GNI and DI NUX cabinet simulator and they suit me perfectly. Yes, the construction is not great, and the knob design feels weird sometimes, but still, you get a lot more (way more in my opinion) for what you’re a paying for. It can be loaded with Third Party IR's and It can Capture a Real Time IR of your own Making .. If you’re like me, you have already wondered, “ok, if I connect this pedal to my cabinet, I really have a portable solution for not having to deal with my amp-head all the time”. What do you call these darn things and where can you buy them? You may be thinking by now, “ok, ok, so the pedal is great, but… I betcha it’s not perfect, right?”. Answers, reviews, tips and tricks about delay pedals! I need to still do some research, so in the meantime check them out. As always, I would love to hear your thoughts on this topic. That’s very nice from you. My 15-watt amp was not loud enough for the room and I had to put a mic in front of it to go through the mixing desk and have a more powerful sound. Some models even come with something called a “cabinet simulator”; this means it will emulate the sound being produced by an amp that’s connected to a guitar cabinet. The NUX Solid Studio looks interesting too:    As a big plus, it also comes with an amp simulation feature (it works as a very simple AIAB), so basically, this pedal is all-in-one. If you just want to have a cabinet simulation, this is a, a cabinet simulation pedal, there’s one great advantage of investing in one: recording. The GDI21 has the option to choose between three types of amps and three main settings. But also keep in mind, this pedal only costs around 30$, it’s super cheap! The GDI21 also has a normal “instrument cable” output (jack plugs) so you can connect it another amp while you’re still using the XLR output. We had at church one big Marshall amp (yes, you’ve heard that right a Marshall amp) that I was never too fond to play with, so I decided to leave it to my fellow guitar player. I hope that you find the info on this site useful! Last modified date This simply means they will let you shape the tone of your sound (the typical bass, mid, treble and drive knobs) but they won’t power your cabinet. I was starting to lose hope because I was well acquainted with the products they usually showcased. A combo amp is the amp head with the guitar cabinet all in one piece. I’ve been researching for reviews and have only seen a few on thegearpage but not a lot around here. After giving it some thought I started to toy with this idea: what if there was something like a pedal that somehow could decently emulate the sound of an amp? Now, he pretty much could control the overall volume of my instrument from the mixing board (which was way far away from the stage) and this also allowed him to give me a better return volume on the floor monitors; it was win-win. An amp in a box (AIAB) as its name suggests it’s an effects pedal that emulates the pre-amp section of an actual amp (it is usually modeled after famous ones) and provides you with an easy and portable solution for not having to carry your big amp or cabinet to every rehearsal or gig. You can also check a pedal like the NUX Solid Studio which also allows you to choose between cabinet models (8 to be precise) and the flexibility to pick different famous microphones that match your taste. You might remember the main reason I was looking for a solution like this was that we had to play at a youth event and I needed a more powerful amp. I’m mostly interested in these for 3rd party IR use. Bye, bye microphones…. Before continuing, it’s necessary to further clarify something, there are mainly two types of these pedals: the ones with a cabinet simulator and the ones without a cabinet simulator. For instance, the ADA GCS it’s a pedal (more like a box :)) just dedicated to that; it’s simple to use and will allow you to choose for instance, between a British sound or an American one, the possibility to fine tune the position of the virtual microphone and as a big plus, it works as a DI box too, so you don’t have to add that piece of gear in order to go to the board. There are also pedals whose forte would be just cabinet simulation. I think the first company (or at least one of the firsts) to go into this niche was Tech21 from New York City. I must admit I procrastinated a little bit with this so now, ordering online, was pretty much out of the question (at the moment I was living on a country that had minimum 2 to 3 weeks of delivery time from any online store and sometimes the wait could be longer). This is really great because you can also use this feature to have a personal monitor so to say. Excellent question. So again, I started doing my online research just to have a glimpse of what the guitar community had to say about this pedal. I put the GDI21 at the end of the signal chain and from there went straight into the mixer so I could hear myself through the PA… It was fantastic! TalkBass utilizes technology from //Commerce that may give us a small affiliate commission on purchases made via links on our site. You can also add Nux Solid Studio to the list. That pretty much left me with the local music stores. Supporting Members list unlimited gear with no listing fees in the Classifieds, get instant Keyword Alerts, and get Free Shipping at the TalkBass Store. Pedal Meets Player: 4 EHX Pedals That Influenced Music As We Know It, A Match Made in Heaven: How to Combine a Delay and a Reverb Pedal, Affordable Echoes: 5 Great Delay Pedals under 100 $, BBD Chips: The Heart And Soul Of Analog Delay.

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