iberico pork

Our Iberico pork comes only from pigs that are from 100% pure Iberian mother sows, ensuring the best quality Iberico pork.

We feed our Iberian pigs natural cereal and legume-based hay. Are you a food operator who wants to get wholesale prices? Her first dish took the well marbled, buttery Secreto cut and balanced its richness with pickled shallots & mustard seeds, roast cauliflower, and a white-wine mustard pan sauce [Get The Recipe!].

The Pluma End Loin cut is very tender, cooks quickly, and has a flavor that’s meaty, but also rich. I noticed it took longer than I anticipated to roast (given the size). Iberico is often called the Wagyu of Pork. The pluma is meatier and less rich than the Secreto, more marbled & soft than the Presa. with good results. But the parasite that causes trichinosis has virtually disappeared from modern swine herds. WHAT MAKES JAMON IBERICO SPECIAL? Strain it through a cheese cloth lined sieve or colander into your storage jar or container, returning any cracklings to the crockpot. Furthermore, that organism is killed by heating to 137 degrees or by freezing. Meat scientists tell us that most of the organic compounds that contribute to flavor are held in the fat. Bottom line: You can usually cook pork like beef!What about the fat? Try our different Iberico pork cuts to delight you and your guests with their delicious flavor and tenderness.

The differences between this breed & others are particularly noticeable in that trio of special Spanish cuts – the End Loin (Pluma), Shoulder Eye Steak (Presa), and Secreto (a skirt steak-esque cut hidden behind the front leg…the name merely means “secret”).

This cut wouldn’t work very well for a grill pan, but you’d get lots of flare up/good char on a real grill. I recommend Medium/Medium Rare. There are lots of brine recipes on the internet. We use one with sea salt and brown sugar along with a little fresh ground black peppercorn and a touch of garlic. To find out what makes for that melt-in-your-mouth texture and superbly sweet flavor of Iberico, you need to dig deep, right into the genetic makeup of black Iberico pigs. Juicy, tender and gloriously marbled! And there’s no better fat for making your own lard than the high-oleic, vitamin-rich fat from a pastured Iberico pig. That’s why LOW and SLOW are important words to keep in mind while cooking this flavor-filled meat. Cooked well done, it becomes dry and tough, especially the loin cuts. The USDA still recommends cooking ground or shredded pork and beef products to 160 degrees. So, you’ll get the whitest lard by removing it before it has a chance to begin turning brown. You wish to have more information about our Iberico pork selection. The Presa Shoulder Eye Steak cut is like a small roast. It cooks very fast and should remain pink in the center. Store them in a jar in the refrigerator and use them like bacon bits. Her bossam featured lettuce wraps served with ginger scallion sauce, black garlic gochujang sauce, grated chile-spiced daikon, pickled garlic, and soy-glazed toasted rice balls. Add ¼ cup of water to the pot to help prevent any burning of the fat at the bottom of the pot while it’s cooking. It’s a great choice for dishes like bossam where it’s served around room temperature. We believe this is when it’s at its best.HOW TO COOK IBERICO BACONFor Iberico bacon, the LOW and SLOW principle is a simple one to apply. Whether it’s a chop or a roast, we like to begin the loin cooking process by brining the meat in a refrigerator—unless, of course, the chop has already been brined for you. The pasture-grazed Iberico produces the ultimate high quality animal fat.HOW TO COOK THE IBERICO LOIN CUTSBecause of their lack of connective tissue, the loin muscles are usually the tenderest parts of the pig. Iberico pork comes from Iberian pigs, special due to their diet and where the live and graze.

The Spaniards often call their Iberico pigs “Olive trees on legs” because of the high amount of oleic and other healthy unsaturated fatty acids in the fat. According to research in Spain, much of the Iberico’s fat is stored as “micro-marbling.”  You may not see a lot of it inside the muscle, but it’s still there. Iberico is the best pork I’ve ever worked with. To minimize fat oxidation caused by light exposure, you might want to store your lard in a dark container or wrap clear jars in foil.

Set your oven to bake at 250 degrees. Otherwise, they can be cooked multiple ways (skillet, oven, grill, etc.) It’s called “crackling,” and you’ll want to save it. By this time, you should have begun heating a skillet (preferably cast iron) on top of the stove. Welcome to our store!


The results were super tasty – the thinly sliced roast Presa was meaty & robust, standing up easily to the sweet-savory-spiciness of the various condiments. As the cooking process is nearing completion, begin ladling or pouring off the liquid fat. Compared to the commodity pork from modern fast-growing pigs, the Iberico has a significantly higher fat to lean ratio.

Now it’s time to REST the meat by placing it on a warm plate or platter and covering with foil or a top. Finish these cracklings in the oven, remove from the baking pan, and drain on a paper towel. I just don’t buy a lot of meat, but I do buy Iberico.

With that in mind Liv & Jade set about creating recipes from their respective wheelhouses that were more complex, but still focused on showcasing rather than covering the pork’s succulent deliciousness. It goes especially great with starchy foods like potatoes or pasta. Our Iberico pork goes through a strict selection process that includes five stages of selection control: authenticity, quality, innovation, food safety, and traceability.
To help ensure that it is cooking uniformly, you can turn the meat several times as it’s cooking. It is a very versatile cut and works well on the barbecue or grill as it cooks quickly and evenly. Many chefs in New York use our Iberico pork and put it on their restaurant menu.

This is definitely the Wagyu of Pork! Iberico pork is known world-wide for giving us delicious cured ham, but wait until you taste it grilled! The drippings are excellent for seasoning and cooking other dishes. It was probably your grandmother’s (or great-grandmother’s) secret to incredible fried chicken or delicious flakey pastries and breads.

The secret to a good finished Iberico pork loin product is LOW, SLOW, and RESTED. Add 2-5 pounds of ground fat and set on high for the first hour. You need to bring the heat up slowly on these sausages. Third, our pork comes from pigs that have the best feeding. ($50 minimum order), © 2020 mmmediterranean | North Plainfield | info@mmmediterranean.com | +1 877-791-9401. This cut is also great for making a schnitzel or for a delicious heavily-battered chicken fried steak. This steak comes from the ham or the shoulder. Sear it well on both sides, being careful not to let it get overdone. Wagshal's Imports is proud to bring award-winning Ibérico de Bellota and other fine products to America from Spain and around the world. You are a food operator and you would like to try our Iberico pork in your kitchen.

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