what is tiered support

In organizations that work in the Tiered model, the Tier 1 support agents slog in the trenches until they start to be able to solve the problems and begin to feel that they are on top of the product and their customers.

The good news is that he gets really good at solving the same problems, but boredom quickly sets in.

Here’s why.

He has to answer the same questions over and over again, and it gets pretty boring. But what if their problems require more attention?

In many cases, this ends up with a support rep spending lots of time researching an issue instead of escalating it up to the next tier of support, which defeats the entire purpose and results in a dissatisfied customer.

Goals are set to decrease emotional and behavioural challenges, and progress towards reaching these goals is regularly monitored. Support reps become better educated. IT companies schedule time and assign a technical team to work from the clients’ offices to ensure all systems are running as expected. A lot of your customers access support via self-help content, in which case they’re in a tier commonly known as tier 0.

By assigning a single rep to herd the issue through the process, the customer is guaranteed to have support and not have to repeat their question a number of times. Imagine the power of being able to search for the resolution to an issue, and finding not only other tickets and knowledge base articles, but also entire conversations between people about the exact issue you are trying to solve! Here are some key points to consider as you weigh your options: Want to learn more about setting up your support organization for success? The solution to getting rid of the tiered model is pretty simple: Collaboration. A collaborative approach reduces the cost per incident, especially in organizations with complex, multi-touch requests. Tier-II support involves technical knowledge and is staffed by technicians who have … If you find yourself regularly asking these questions, you might already be moving toward a tiered support solution.

If you’re thinking about tiering your support structure, consider having one for each tier. The success of the org … The remaining 20 percent of tickets are resolved in the next level, T2. The tiered support model is essentially linear in nature, with one tier escalating issues to the next tier, with the expectation that they will be able to resolve the issue.

Here are four questions you should ask before getting started with an outsourcer.

Hopefully the ticketing tool that they are using supports internal collaboration and makes it easy to bring other stakeholders into the discussion so that the best minds can be used to address the customer’s problem. Tier-1 support usually provides a 24-hour service and is outsourced to a 3rd party. Make sure to create self-service content that is useful and up-to-date.

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Tier 3 support is suitable for children with complex challenges, for example, children with significant attachment difficulties, children displaying aggression, children displaying sexualised behaviour and children who are self-harming.

Ad Choices. At Zendesk, this team handles the tickets that have been escalated from Tier 2 (usually 5–10% of the total ticket volume). Instead of sticking to a structured tiered approach, a ticket is assigned to an individual or group to resolve. Now they are back treading water and having to re-learn everything about the product and the next set of issues. Sign up for our newsletter and read at your own pace.

This is the first level of the support desk, consisting of generalists who usually don’t have in-depth technical knowledge about the product, application, or service.

Technical support is divided into levels or tiers, to serve the customer base. Please fill in the form and one of our representatives will be in contact shortly. (You can unsubscribe at any time.

Tiered support is the most classic and widespread support structure, and works strictly on an escalation principle. Configuring your support structure to meet your current needs and to appropriately scale to the next growth level can be challenging.

Tier 1

This triage can take into account the severity of the issue, the difficulty to resolve and also the importance of a particular customer. In this tier, agents work on complicated tickets that require more time, and often, specialized knowledge. Furthermore, tiers provide customer service teams with a roadmap for when and how queries are escalated. Tiered support is a system that funnels customer queries into more defined levels (tiers), ensuring customer needs are defined properly at the outset, governed by a set of service criteria for each tier. Includes in-home guided support, for example, a therapist being present in the home when challenges occur in order to guide parents/carers through managing these challenges. This can mean more complex elements of your new, scaled workflow. Let’s look at a few ways that moving to a collaborative support model can help: Moving away from the traditional Tiered approach to customer support is clearly a good thing for most companies, and it’s why we are seeing an increasing number of businesses adopting this modern methodology for supporting their customers. Robert Johnson, a seasoned tech executive and entrepreneur, is CEO of TeamSupport.com. The best source of information for customer service, sales tips, guides, and industry best practices.

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