calculate net national product at market price from the following data

changes in inventories): 238,531; Net factor income from the ‘rest of the world’ [ROW] (net of indirect taxes paid to plus subsidies received from ROW): 17,334; Indirect taxes on domestic products and imports minus subsidies (including taxes paid to and subsidies received from ROW): 144,663. From the following data, calculate “Net Value Added at Factor Cost”. in Lakhs) (i) Sales: 400 (ii) Change in Stock (-) 20 (iii) Intermediate consumption: 200 (iv) Net indirect taxes: 40 (v) Exports: 50 (vi) Depreciation: 70: State any precautions that are taken while calculating national income by expenditure method.

You can calculate it one of two ways depending on the figures you have at hand: The market value of all finished goods + the market value of all finished services - the depreciation of those goods and services = net national product The gross national product - depreciation = net national product Sean Connery: James Bond actor dies aged 90, American hostage rescued from Nigeria by U.S. forces, 6 Trump ploys to snatch some last-minute votes, Megan Rapinoe and Sue Bird get engaged after 4 years, 'Scary Movie' star reveals raunchy gag that got cut, Amid campaign, Biden anguishes over 'surviving son', 'We're not eating babies': Vampire myths debunked, 'He's Jesus over here': Israeli teen could make NBA history, America should get a 'tax break to go travel': CEO, Texas smashes records, with 9M ballots already cast, Slovenia cools on famous daughter Melania Trump. Do you think mother tongue  based multilingual education help in improving countrys economic situation?

GNP produces crucial information on manufacturing, savings, investments, employment, production outputs of major companies and other economic variables.

But it's possible to calculate Gross national income: GNI=GDP + Net Factor Income From RoW + NetSubsTaxRoW = 471'541+17'334 = 488'875, NNI = GNI - Depreciation = 488'875 - 133'936 = 354'939. You can't calculate Gross/Net national products without knowing RoW taxes payed and subsidies from RoW. (4)

Click hereto get an answer to your question ️ Calculate (a) Net National Product at market price, and (b) Gross Domestic Product at factor cost. Calculate (a) Net National Product at market price, and (b) Gross Domestic Product at factor cost. Mate, do you go to Brighton University? Still have questions? (i) Rent and interest(Rs. Does anyone know where I can cash an economic impact payment check? if we made having kids illegal unless you are rich  eradicate poverty and improve life ?

Get your answers by asking now. Policymakers rely on Gross National Product as one of the important economic indicators. Government consumption expenditure (individual and collective): 286,812; Gross capital formation (incl. (A) Gross national product (GNP) at market prices (taking GDP by its output measure); (B) Net national product (NNP) at market prices; (C) National income (NNP at basic prices). But it's possible to calculate Gross national income: GNI=GDP + Net Factor Income From RoW + NetSubsTaxRoW = 471'541+17'334 = 488'875. asked Dec 6, 2018 in Economics by kajalk ( 77.6k points) cbse Join Yahoo Answers and get 100 points today. Policymakers use this information in preparing policy papers that legislators use to make laws. Net national product (NNP) is the total value of finished goods and services produced by a country's citizens overseas and domestically, minus depreciation. You can't calculate net national product or income at basic prices without having initial basic prices data or without relevant price indexes. Private Consumption Expenditure should usually be given too... GDP= (C+G)+I+Ex-Im +Stat= 286'812+238'531+ 369'691-424'128+635= 471'541. All of your questions are directly taken from out year 1 Economics course work??? What do you think are some possible solutions to reducing poverty? Remember when Nobel economist Paul Krugman predicted that the internet's effect on the economy would be no greater than the fax machine.

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