big fish theory review

edit: nvm, this doesn't have much lasting power. And while Big Fish Theory sounds more like a singular curio than like the beginning of a movement, it is one hell of a singular curio. And when was the last time you heard a rapper consumed with ideas about the future? If the leaked credits that came out earlier this week are accurate, the album is absolutely crammed with big names. Staples is one of rap’s most evocative writers, but his sharp, defined aesthetic sensibility has always been just as central to his power. And merely by invoking that offhandedly in an interview, Staples, whether he’s being serious or not, plugs himself into a whole tradition of longing for something more. If you wanted to, you could see something cynical and predetermined about Staples’ embrace of dance-music sonics. I love this album so far and it's honestly only grown on me. After all, it’s not like Staples gets a ton of rap-radio play. 3: Cane and Abel. (Not ideas about Future. “This is my Afro-futurism.” Whatever this is, it’s jaw-dropping. The world's defining voice in music and pop culture since 1952. Both have found success despite swimming against the musical flow, performing dense, politically charged lyrics in an era more enamoured with the simplistic sing-song decadence of Migos, Rae Sremmurd and Lil Yachty. The real thrill in the album, though, is in hearing these right-now interpretations of different dance-music sounds, in learning what Staples and his collaborators can do with them. When he’s doing it like this, he can call it what he wants. On Staples’ second album, however, he comes close to drawing level with his West Coast rival. In a way, the album’s production sounds even more out-there because of how how unflappable Staples is on top of it. “We making future music. Album Rating: 4.5 | Sound OffReally in-depth and informative review. “We making future music,” announced Staples in the run-up to ‘Big Fish Theory’’s release. thats just how guys like vince and earl (and a lot of rap artists in general actually) make music, Album Rating: 4.0 | Sound Offboi yeh rite yeh rite yeh rite 3: Cane and Abel. Album Rating: 3.5i got the impression that he was implying vince was consciously making a not fucking around style album akin if not inspired by the comparable he mentioned but on second thought maybe i was incorrect in that (boi yeh rite yeh rite yeh rite). Both have cultivated on-record personas that are part bolshy street kid, part world-weary philosopher. That LA Weekly story makes a big point of explaining that Staples doesn’t think in terms of genre. Vince Staples 'Big Fish Theory' 1 Listen Album Review In the same vein of 'Yeezus,' 'Big Fish Theory' finds Vince challenging the very idea of what a rapper can create. It's a logical follow up to Prima Donna, and another excellent album for the Norf Side rapper. Album Rating: 4.0i get why people wouldn't like this, especially because it seems like vince takes a step back lyrically and thematically, but as arcade said it's all about the sounds.

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