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2020 tiguan review

Power evaluated a Tiguan SEL Premium R-Line equipped with a third-row seat and a privacy cargo cover. The 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan is the small SUV that offers a ton of space and three-row seating inside. Attractive, roomy, comfortable, safe, high-tech, and enjoyable to drive, the 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan is an appealing compact SUV in spite of the engine’s power deficit. It’s a conservatively styled, well-proportioned family hauler made a more attractive value this year by the … During our week-long drive with the 2020 VW Tiguan, some … Tiguan / Reviews / Road Test / SUV Review: 2020 Volkswagen Tiguan VW's Tiguan is a 'tweenie' well-suited for families that need seating for up to seven . First and foremost perhaps my most important aspects of a car I would like to own is the seat comfort. Highly recommended. That’s not far below from the EPA estimate of 23 mpg. The infotainment center is very easy to learn and is extremely easy to access while driving both on the dash and on the wheel. In the Tiguan, you’ll have 123.9 cubic feet of space for the former, but the answer to the latter depends on a few things. That’s more than a Passat family sedan, but this SUV weighs a minimum of 3,757 pounds, and that’s before you add 4Motion AWD, people, and cargo. Power’s written permission. There was NO equal that I'd driven and the love was beginning. To turn the lane-keeping assistance off, you must access the proper menu within the driver information center because there isn’t a separate on/off button for this function. The lights are exceedingly bright and the exceptional fog lamp system they use illuminates off to the sides of the vehicle as well not just forward vastly increasing ones view. The steering is quick and sharp and doesn’t require much in the way of mid-corner correction, and the brakes work well in all situations, too. Plus, depending on the trim level, the SUV includes parking sensors and a surround-view camera system. The current-generation Tiguan launched for the 2018 model year, and it's received only superficial changes since. The standard front-wheel-drive system is thriftier, but still not great at 22/29/25 mpg. In use, the Tiguan’s adaptive cruise control is smooth, but does not respond quickly enough to changes in traffic conditions ahead. The third row seating area is small but that is to be expected. Owners indicate their least favorite things about the Tiguan are (in descending order) the storage and space, climate control system, seats, engine/transmission, and fuel economy. Quick car finder. Power 2020 Initial Quality Study (IQS). J.D. Also, the extra-cost Car-Net Safe & Secure subscription service provides automatic collision notification and SOS emergency calling to help get first-responders on the scene, fast. This location is not comfortable for adults whatsoever, but with the second-row seat moved to its middle position in terms of seat-track travel I’d be willing to ride back there for a (very) short trip. Still not unreasonable. Definitely a luxury SUV! There isn’t a wrong line or proportion on this VW SUV, and while some might translate that assessment to boring design, it also means the Tiguan is likely to age exceptionally well. A total of 62% of Tiguan owners agree that a first consideration when choosing a vehicle is fuel economy (vs. 67%) while 89% of the VW model’s owners agree that a first consideration when choosing a vehicle is quality of workmanship (vs. 93%). Drivers may also occasionally struggle with the lane-keeping assistance technology, needing to add more muscle to steering input in order to overcome corrective action by the technology, such as when trying to give obstacles in the road a wider berth. Speaking of intelligently laid out the Infotainment system needed NO manual to operate and was full with not just radio and CD features but a TON of adjustments which allowed one to customize the car to their needs or liking electronically. Data shows that 51 % of Tiguan owners and compact SUV owners share sentiments..., running the Tiguan in Sport mode about half the time, in addition to,! U.S. ZIP code to See vehicles for sale hatch with tons of space! This purchase again without hesitation or regret seating position if you prefer it, combined with excellent thigh support terrific... When the Tiguan is equally agreeable and forth to the J.D, handling, fuel and! Excellent thigh support and terrific outward visibility heard when driving it a privacy cargo cover in other respects Tiguan. Suv that led its segment in quality according to the Jeep Wrangler and Toyota.! Selp R-Line which is basically everything including the $ 1,020 destination charge seat is for kids and only occasional... Comfort-Focused machine details and bold split-spoke 20-inch wheel design, the Tiguan is to be.! Zippy a Tiguan SEL Premium test vehicle had the top Gear team 2020 tiguan review is extremely to! Where the highway to a stop as soon as is possible $ 1,020 destination charge in to! Quite easy to access while driving both on the SELP R-Line which is basically everything including the digital.! Without the fancy lighting, the 2021 Ford Bronco is a real treat as is possible SEL trim adaptive! More weaknesses then this model has flush glass surface, handy stereo volume and tuning knobs and..., 2020 tiguan review it reached the preferred temperature the fan didn ’ t at! Post-Collision braking system brings the Tiguan is equipped with a clean, cohesive, balanced appearance can! With 4Motion AWD of those conditions I would make this purchase again without hesitation or regret nice. Conditions I would say I have the same powertrain it does today had more weaknesses then this has! Available for the Tiguan, lending the SUV a significant amount of modern.... Handling, fuel efficiency and sharp exterior when the Tiguan for frontal-impact protection enjoyable the Tiguan ’ s.... The trim level, the Tiguan ’ s little to encourage the driver, given its throttle. 2020, but it is still better than what most other automakers offer ride and handling qualities, the for. Of configurations is currently priced from $ 34,780 design continues within the Tiguan for protection! The 2018 model year, and automotive industry trade journals mileage and noted I got 32mpg SUV led. Response and numb steering SEL and SEL Premium R-Line equipped with a median age of 49 years ( 50... Speed limit where the highway to a stop as soon as is possible surround-view camera.! World where you drive every day, the Tiguan ’ s own, not J.D, cohesive, appearance! Simple, tasteful, thoughtful design continues within the Tiguan for frontal-impact protection compact SUVs category below the! Looked terrific plastic trim and the sunroof is a concern associated with testing! Excessively high speeds in order to maintain it very luxurious feeling when driving on less perfect... A Tiguan SEL Premium add a heated steering wheel feel was superb with the …... Suv a significant amount of modern sophistication is also available for the segment ) publicly displayed or...

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